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We have been providing personal and professional advice and services across a wide range of disciplines for over 25 years.

While focussing on business management, including restructuring and realignment of business operations, our range of expertise and knowledge extends across both public and private sectors.

We offer advice and assistance tailored to the needs of our clients. We have extensive legal and quasi-judicial knowledge across the widest range of disciplines. Our network extends across business and political environments, allowing us to provide up to date support and advice in the context of current, but more importantly emerging and developing policies.

We specialise in dispute resolution, and employ the latest techniques in trying to ensure our clients avoid unnecessary legal bills.

Our knowledge of the Scottish legal profession enables us to make appropriate recommendations where legal representation is unavoidable. As independent advisers, we can be dispassionately blunt about who to avoid, reducing the risk that you will end up with a lame duck in your corner. It is our job to protect you from the vagaries of the unscrupulous elements within the legal and other professions.

Our expertise extends to property and planning matters. We have over 25 years experience as investors and agents in a range of residential and commercial property transactions, and are retained as advisers by a number of private clients with extensive residential and commercial property interests. We can provide advice and assistance for a small initial fee, allowing you to make a fully informed decision on whether or not you want to take your case forward. Unlike other businesses, we do not work on the assumption we can profit from burning through our clients' cash by incurring unnecessary and unwarranted fee notes.

Please contact us to discuss your situation further.

Why Us?

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